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  • Vatican Radio was inaugurated by Pope Pius XI on February 12, 1931, with speech in Latin broadcast to the entire world. The Indian section broadcasts in five languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Urdu.

  • The "Electronic Media" courses are designed by Fr. I. Lourduraj S.J., of Satya Bharati and St. Xavier’s kindly consented to offer these courses at Satya Bharati from June 2009. The inauguration of the courses took place on the 3rd of August, 2009.

  • The Satya Bharati Religious articles and books shop is a unique feature of Satya Bharati. It sells thousands of books and also publishes books of religious importance like liturgical calendar, diaries, and missals. Cassettes, CDs, and DVDs of different composers of India are sold here apart from the audio and video productions of Satya Bharati.

  • Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai offers PG Diploma Course in "Film and Television Production" through Lievens' Institute of Film and Electronic media (LIFE), a newly founded institution in Ranchi, Jharkhand from July 15, 2011.

Satya Bharati, in its present form, had its humble beginning on July 27, 1982. It is an institution which has endeavored to coordinate the communication ministry of the Jharkhand dioceses. It is run by the Ranchi Jesuit Province and Satya Bharati is at the  service of the Church and the indigenous people of Jharkhand state, mostly tribal population. It is not only regional but national in character because it caters not only to the  dioceses of Jharkhand but also to the whole of Hindi-speaking North India. This is in no way means that prior to this Ranchi Province had no ministry of communication.
Satya Bharati aims at preserving and developing the specific identity of the local tribal population, Christians and Non-Christians so that they may occupy their rightful place in the Indian Society. More in particular Satya Bharati wants to meet their religious, social and cultural needs.

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SB shop

The SB shop is open every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday is a holiday.

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